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Towers Highrise 5 Tier Stacked Thermal Rosin Press - 25 Ton X 5 - GrowGreen Machines

Towers Highrise

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Towers Highrise - Home of Biggest, BADDEST Rosin Press You've EVER Seen

Towers Highrise is changing the game solventless extraction game with the 5-tier stacked thermal rosin press. 

Imagine transforming your hash lab into a rosin-pressing powerhouse. Imagine quadrupling your output without compromising quality, seamlessly switching between small batch and scaled production. The Towers Highrise stacked thermal press isn’t just a machine; it’s a gateway to a new era of rosin extraction where productivity and quality reign supreme.

Sure, you could buy 5 separate presses, link them together, take up all your bench space, and have to whip your neck around to press 5 bags at once, or you can run one unit, have that one-unit tilt over a pan, and get all the yields.

Our presses are manufactured in the United States and constructed using domestically sourced parts, UL and CE certified electrical components.

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