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For The Plant People

From hobbyist home-growers and budding entrepreneurs to large-scale farmers, processors, and researchers. Welcome to GrowGreen Machines. We serve THE PLANT PEOPLE.

You deserve a trusted partner who cares about your plants as much as you do. At GrowGreen Machines, we have passion, we have heart, we have relationships with all of our suppliers. We only work with reputable manufacturers, and we hand select every. single. product. that we offer.

Can you find cheaper grow lights on Amazon? Absolutely. Is Aliexpress hoping on the hydro train? You bet they are. Are you going to get the quality equipment, your business needs to thrive from China? Probably not.

At GrowGreen Machines, we treat you like family. We value community, sustainability, and supporting you, your passion, and your business. We are more than another hydro store. We are you trusted partner and your biggest cheerleader.


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