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Lowtemp Industries V2 Rosin Press QUINTUPLE MEDUSA SYSTEM (5 Press) (4"x7") Commercial Solventless Extraction - GrowGreen Machines

Lowtemp Industries

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Lowtemp Industries Solventless Extraction Equipment

We manufacture top-of-the-line, American-made solventless extraction equipment that helps you create the highest quality cannabis concentrates possible. Perfect for small and large-scale commercial growers and processors, our hash washers, rosin presses, and accessories are all you need to make top-shelf solventless extracts and concentrates. We also have rosin pressing options for hobbyists who want to experiment with solventless extraction at home.

Lowtemp Rosin Presses

Our American-made rosin presses are the perfect solution for commercial operators and cannabis enthusiasts who want to create premium rosin from ice water hash, dry sift, or dried flower. Thanks to their completely modular design, you can customize your setup and send back individual parts for maintenance. Our Medusa configuration also allows you to expand the number of presses in your system over time and connect them together so that they can be operated by a single employee.

Simplify and Scale Your Solventless Extraction Process

We build extraction systems that are meant to last. Don’t waste your money on cheap solutions that will end up costing you more in the long run. Our hash washing machines and rosin presses come with a one-year full factory warranty and a lifetime warranty on the fabrication, metal, and weld quality. Our solventless extraction systems can help your business produce premium extracts. And with our excellent customer service, you’ll have all the support you need to use our equipment to its full advantage.

American Made Affordable Solutions

Lowtemp Industries, LLC was officially founded in 2015 in Denver, Colorado, creating the first DIY Rosin Kits. Our goal is to create the Highest of Quality, American Made, Affordable Solutions for home and commercial solventless extractors.  

In our years in business, we have spent thousands of hours on the phone with customers training, creating guides in video/blog form, and even free IOS/Android Rosin Apps for the community. We use certified alloys from American metal sources, and hire American machinists/employees at a wage to support their families. We are in this for the long haul, which is why we back all of our metal and fabrication with lifetime warranties. 

We are here to create the best tools at the best price, and protect your investment for decades to come.

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