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Recirculating Chillers

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Do I Need a Recirculating Chiller?

In the cannabis industry, a recirculating chiller is commonly used for temperature control in various processes, especially those involving extraction and processing of cannabis compounds. Recirculating chillers can be beneficial in many situations, including: 

  1. Extraction Processes: Recirculating chillers are often used in extraction processes, such as supercritical CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction. Controlling the temperature is crucial for optimizing the extraction efficiency and obtaining desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant.

  2. Solvent Recovery: In processes where solvents are used for extraction, a recirculating chiller helps in controlling the temperature during solvent recovery. This is essential for efficient and safe recovery of solvents like ethanol.

  3. Distillation: Distillation processes, including short path distillation or fractional distillation, require precise temperature control. A recirculating chiller can maintain a consistent temperature throughout the distillation process, ensuring accurate separation of cannabinoids based on their boiling points.

  4. Winterization: For winterization processes, where cannabis extracts are chilled to separate waxes and lipids, a recirculating chiller is used to achieve and maintain low temperatures.

  5. Product Quality: Controlling the temperature is critical for preserving the quality of cannabis products. It helps avoid degradation of sensitive compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, during various stages of processing.

  6. Laboratory Testing: In cannabis testing laboratories, temperature control is essential for maintaining the integrity of samples during testing procedures, such as chromatography or analytical testing.

  7. Process Optimization: Researchers and processors use recirculating chillers to optimize their processes. Precise temperature control allows for experimentation with different parameters to achieve the desired outcomes in terms of product quality and yield.

  8. Safety: Maintaining consistent and controlled temperatures is crucial for ensuring the safety of the extraction and processing equipment. It helps prevent overheating and potential hazards associated with temperature fluctuations.

  9. Batch-to-Batch Consistency: Consistent temperature control provided by a recirculating chiller contributes to batch-to-batch consistency in cannabis processing, ensuring that the final products meet quality standards.

Overall, a recirculating chiller plays a vital role in maintaining temperature stability, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the quality and safety of cannabis processing operations.

Ok, I Need a Chiller...Which One?

Here's a comprehensive comparison of the Holland Green Science Aquilon Mini, Aquilon Midi, and Aquilon Max recirculating chillers:

  1. Cooling Capacities:

    • Aquilon Mini: 600W
    • Aquilon Midi: 600W, 1300W, 1600W
    • Aquilon Max: 1600W
  2. Temperature Accuracy:

    • Aquilon Mini: ±0.5°C
    • Aquilon Midi: ±2°C
    • Aquilon Max: ±2°C
  3. Maximum Flow Rate of Circulating Pump:

    • Aquilon Mini: 6L/min
    • Aquilon Midi: 17 L/min
    • Aquilon Max: 17 L/min
  4. Pump Pressure:

    • Aquilon Mini: 13 psi
    • Aquilon Midi: 21.76 psi
    • Aquilon Max: 21.76 psi
  5. Volume/Capacity:

    • Aquilon Mini: 5.2 L
    • Aquilon Midi: 13 L
    • Aquilon Max: 25 L
  6. Size:

    • Aquilon Mini: 315×455×625 mm
    • Aquilon Midi: 400×500×795 mm
    • Aquilon Max: 450×600×875 mm

These distinctions offer a range of options based on your specific requirements, whether you prioritize compactness (Aquilon Mini), versatility (Aquilon Midi), or higher capacity (Aquilon Max). The shared features, such as PID temperature controllers, continuous operation design, and safety measures, ensure reliable and efficient performance across all models.

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