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Rosin Press

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Rosin Press Machines 

Embark on the journey of creating your own extracts with the easiest, most affordable, and enjoyable method - a rosin press machine. This solventless extraction technique allows you to produce high-quality rosin in the comfort of your home.

While rosin is favored for its potency and versatility, it has also become a cornerstone of commercial extraction, with entire businesses centered around rosin production. In this guide, we'll delve into what rosin is, the role of a rosin heat press, provide insights on using a wax press, and share some of our personal favorites.

What is the difference between rosin and resin?

Distinguishing between rosin and resin is crucial. Although their names sound similar, rosin, being solventless, is considered superior. Rosin allows you to experience the pure essence of your plant, while resin is typically extracted using a combination of freezing and chemical processes.

Live resin cannot be created with a rosin press. Live resin is produced through hydrocarbon extraction, and a specific resin press is not available for this purpose.

While resin is generally more potent than rosin, both offer similar effects, making the choice between them a matter of personal preference and budget considerations.

What is a rosin heat press?

A rosin heat press is a key tool for producing rosin, one of the most sought-after solventless extracts in the market. Unlike other extraction methods, rosin extraction uses low heat and high pressure to melt and force resin from the plant onto parchment paper, ensuring a clean and pure extract.

What are the different types of wax presses?

Choosing the right type of wax press depends on your budget and requirements. Manual presses, suitable for home growers, are cost-effective and portable, requiring a hand crank or twist-style mechanism. Hydraulic presses, ideal for industrial or commercial use, use a hydraulic ram powered by an air compressor or external pump. Pneumatic presses, considered top-tier, utilize an air compressor to activate the pneumatic cylinder. Electric presses are gaining popularity for their ease of use, requiring only a wall outlet.

Determining the best temperature for your wax press depends on the material you are pressing. For flowers, temperatures around 220°F - 240°F for 30 - 45 seconds are recommended, while dry sift or bubble hash benefits from temperatures around 180°F - 210°F for 45 - 90 seconds.

Cold pressing, involving lower temperatures (160-190 degrees Fahrenheit) and longer pressing times, is also an option for those seeking increased terpenes, although it may result in a decrease in potency.

When shopping for a rosin press, understanding the necessary pressure is crucial. For optimal rosin production, applying 300-1,000 psi is recommended, with the actual pressure depending on the raw material used. Flower, hash, and trim require different combinations of pressure and heat.

Selecting the right rosin bags is equally important. Use 36-micron or 72-micron bags for dry sift or bubble hash, with 72-micron bags offering higher yields. For trim, flower, or shake, 115-micron or 90-micron bags are recommended, with the former providing higher yields and the latter offering more filtration and a slightly higher quality product.

Choosing the best rosin press machine depends on factors such as budget, desired rosin quantity, and personal preference.

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