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GemmaCert Lite Botanical Potency Tester - GrowGreen Machines


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Cannabis potency and composition analyzer.

Test whole flowers, ground material and ethanol based extract. Test for THC,CBD,CBG, and aW (water activity). 24 scans per sample overcomes heterogeneity of the plant allowing for the most accurate results with no sample destruction.

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 Lite v. Pro
Product Family Pricing $4,999 $7,999
Potency Analysis Coverage THC & CBD THC, CBD, CBG, Water Activity (aw)
Regulatory Compliance CE, RoHC, relevant EC/IEC standards, European Pharmacopeia (Section 2.2.40) CE, RoHC, relevant EC/IEC standards, European Pharmacopeia (Section 2.2.40)
Suitability Whole Dried Flower Buds Whole Dried Flower Buds, Trim/Biomass and, Raw Ethanol Based Extracts
Minimum Detection Limit for THC 1.0% 0.2%
GC Cloud Benefits: Software/Feature Updates, Unlimited Testing, Comprehensive Support Package Included (limited feature updates) Included
Sample Holders Included upon Purchase Flower Pin Flower Pin + Trim Holder + Extract Holder
Custom Pelican Case Not included Included
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Warranty 1 year included. 1 year included.
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