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California Lightworks

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California Lightworks

Located in Canoga Park, California, our R&D and manufacturing facilities make a conscious effort to work with US-based vendors whenever possible. Everything from LED boards to Enclosures, Controls, and final assembly are made in-house at our facility. Backed by our outstanding reputation for customer service, we offer industry-leading warranties on all our commercial grow lights. Thousands of our LED Lights are installed worldwide. 

Next Generation LED Grow Lights

Since 2008, California LightWorks has been guided by a vision focused on researching, designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art commercial LED grow lights and automation equipment for greenhouse and indoor horticulture. By applying the latest advances in high efficiency, solid-state lighting, and control technology, our team provides worldwide growers with new grow lights that deliver clear benefits at a competitive price. 

Designed With Your Success in Mind

We are dedicated to designing and
manufacturing the best-performing LED grow lights for commercial and hobby growers.

Take Control Of Your Grow Operation

As a much more energy-efficient light source, our indoor grow lights focus the emitted light energy on the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most.

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