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Thousand Per Hour TPH "DOOB TUBE" Pre-Roll Labeling Workstation - GrowGreen Machines

Thousand Per Hour (TPH)

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Thousand Per Hour (TPH)

If you're at the point where hand-filling cones is no longer practical, Thousand Per Hour pre-roll filling machines offer an excellent solution, especially for those looking to scale up production. Having perfected the art of crafting the ideal cone, they're now sharing this cutting-edge technology with the industry to enhance efficiency and boost profitability in commercial facilities or dispensaries.

As the name implies, the TPH 512 Pre-Roll Machine (The Big Un) is designed to deliver 1,000 high-quality, consistently rolled pre-rolls per hour. For those with lower demands, consider the Lil Fella— the TPH 128 Pre-Roll Machine offers the same top-notch pre-rolls on a smaller scale. Upgrade your production capabilities with these reliable machines and take your business to the next level.

The Thousand per Hour line of Cone Filling Machines are designed to maximize your Pre Roll production. Proudly made in the USA, you get a shake cradle, a basket, a funnel and one custom cut blunt plate to fit the pre roll paper you use.  We hold the cone holes to six decimal points of accuracy so you get a nice, custom fit.  If you really want to amp up your production, get an extension set (one extra plate and a standby cradle) so while one plate is being filled and finished off, the other is in a cradle being loaded with papers.

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