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Photontek X 600W Pro Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light - GrowGreen Machines


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PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting

PHOTONTEK Horticultural Lighting is purposeful and passionate about providing growers with the best LED lighting experience.

Leading by Experience

PHOTONTEK was founded by growers with ambition and a drive to create the perfect LED grow lights. Using experience in growing and an abundance of photobiology knowledge, the PHOTONTEK team now manufactures high-performance grow-lights for every type grower.

Full LED Range

Dedicated to showcasing an entire LED product range, PHOTONTEK has a selection of fixtures suitable for any stage or scale. From single-plant cloning to full-scale horticultural vertical farming.

Premium Standards

Only the highest grade materials and components are used in PHOTONTEK’s LED driver, light bars and fixture. Delivering the safest, dependable and top-performing fixtures in the market.

Neither PhotonTek Inc. nor any of its associated companies or products are in any way connected to or associated with Lumatek Inc. (USA) or any entity or person trading under the Lumatek trademark in the United States.

Heat Control Technology

Featuring a unique heat convention design on all PHOTONTEK LEDs that disperses remaining heat above the fixture, not below and affecting your crop, making heat management easier than ever.

5-year Warranty

PHOTONTEK LEDs all have market leading long-term warranties. Reflecting their durability and longevity to produce great results time and time again with maintenance.

Elegant designs

Designed to look and feel as good as it performs, the beauty of PHOTONTEK fixtures will not deceive and only compliment the precision engineering it’s built upon.

Unbeatable Uniformity

The linear design of PHOTONTEK LEDs creates a uniform spread of light even at short distances to the crop. Allowing for single source grow lighting in multi-layer cultivation systems, and small, restricted spaces like grow tents.

Full Circuit Protection

PHOTONTEK LED drivers automatically monitor and protect against open/short circuit, over-temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification for top-grade safety protection.

Modular Thinking

From experience, PHOTONTEK knows that practicality and a modular design is essential to any grower when using any lighting fixture. So the ability to attach/detach light-bars even when the units are ON is a key feature in the entire PHOTONTEK LED range.

Completely Silent

No sound. No vibration. No headaches.

 All PHOTONTEK LEDs offer the highest market photon efficacy, lowest cost per µmol, world class diodes & drivers, optimized full-spectrum light, detachable driver, fully dimmable, external control with PHOTONTEK Digital Controller, interchangeable innovative click-magnet LED bars, user-friendly & easy set-up, and come with a 5 Year Warranty.

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