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Holland Green Science (HGS) Cannasseur Pack Option 6 - Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer, Aether 8 Eco Pump, Ygrasia Moisture Analyzer, Magma 25/50 Cart Filler - GrowGreen Machines

Holland Green Science

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At HOLLAND GREEN SCIENCE (HGS), we specialize in the design and manufacturing of extraction and processing equipment meticulously crafted for the research and production of cannabis, herbs, and other medicinal botanicals. Proudly headquartered in the traditional food, health, and life science hub of Wageningen, Netherlands, our North American division extends its roots from Chicago, IL, and the greater Bay Area, CA.

Why Choose HGS:

  • Expertise: With a focus on precision and innovation, our equipment is tailored to meet the unique needs of the cannabis and botanical industry.
  • Global Presence: Positioned strategically in Wageningen, Netherlands, and with a strong presence in North America, HGS serves as a global leader in catering to the demands of this burgeoning industry.
  • Proven Quality: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality and reliability of our extraction and processing solutions.
  • Industry Pioneer: As pioneers in the field, we are dedicated to advancing the capabilities of research and production in the medicinal botanical sector.
  • Geographical Advantage: Situated in key hubs like Wageningen and North America, we leverage our geographic advantage to efficiently service the largest emerging industry on the planet: cannabis.

Choose HOLLAND GREEN SCIENCE for cutting-edge solutions that elevate your cannabis and botanical processing endeavors.

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